As an Inbox Superhero, you or your assistant will be able to:

Set up a ton of your incoming mail to file itself as it comes in

Create the labels (folders) you truly need, without just causing more clutter

Organize your inbox so that only the items that need your attention are front-and-center

Declutter your inbox on autopilot, using an ever-improving system that gets simpler and easier (and more life-saving!) the longer you use it

Create autoresponders and templates for your most common convos

Stop asking you questions about what to do with messages that come through

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Psst... if we don't know each other, yet:


Lemme tell you my backstory real quick! 

My business was initially a side-hustle that took off in its first 4 months and suddenly I was a business owner. I was taking on new clients, creating new services and generally riding high. 

But in the excitement of my growing enterprise, I didn't pay ANY attention to the mess accumulating "behind-the-scenes". 

My hard drive looked like a dumping ground. 

My Inbox perpetually had emails at the bottom that I never got to. 

My work quality suffered. My personal life suffered more. 

No matter what I did or who I recruited to help me, I still had to be available for everything... it seemed that hiring help always added MORE work to my plate! 

It wasn't until I took a step back and invested the time to properly implement File Naming and Organization, Process Documentation, and started to rely on cloud-based apps that I could confidently grow my team in a way that actually gave me freedom to live, and gave my business the scalability to grow..

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