If you are ready to move/consolidate your data from multiple Google Accounts
and want expert guidance & support...

Coming June 30, 2023

Moving Data in and out of Google Accounts is no joke.

Don't miss a critical step, don't delete valuable archives (or your YouTube Account, like I once did).

Get the support and information you need to do your G-Migration right.

This is a Choose Your Own Adventure style online course,
NOT a learn-100-things-when-you-only-need-10.

All action. No fluff. Get right to the solution ideal for your G-Migration situation.

Gmail · Google Drive · Calendar · Contacts · Google Photos · Google Business Profile · YouTube Channel

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This is a hot PRE-SALE! The inclusions and deliverables are subject to INCREASE and IMPROVE before the release date! 

  • G-MIGRATION ROAD MAP for your own, unique circumstances, auditing your:
    • Multiple Google accounts
    • Multiple inboxes and/or aliases
    • Google Drive content (files/folders/forms)
    • Google Account data (passwords, search history)
    • YouTube account? How to move it safely.
    • What's in your Google Account data that you don't want to lose, like search history, subscriptions, etc?
    • What's in your Google Drive, and what's the best way to move the files/folders/forms?
    • Email archives - keep, move, split up?
    • Bookmarks - take them? turf them?
    • Saved Passwords - export to LastPass? Move to a new account?
    • Moving Gmail archives into an existing inbox
    • Moving Google Drive content
    • All the things you don't want to learn the hard way

G-Migration is a unique opportunity to get your G-Data Decluttered.


  • Is this course just for Legacy G Suite users?
    The course will cover Google Data and Account consolidation and migration for regular Gmail, Google Workspace, and Legacy G Suite accounts.
  • What if I want to export everything from my Legacy G Suite account and stop using Google/Gmail
    The course WILL include how to do this, don't you worry!
  • Ask me questions! Live chat on the lower right
    Chat with me during my waking hours - I would love to know what you're wondering about.

Psst... if we don't know each other, yet: 

 Lemme tell you my backstory real quick! 

 My business was initially a side-hustle that took off in its first 4 months and suddenly I was a business owner. I was taking on new clients, creating new services and generally riding high. 

 But in the excitement of my growing enterprise, I didn't pay ANY attention to the mess accumulating "behind-the-scenes". 

 My hard drive looked like a dumping ground. 
 My Inbox perpetually had emails at the bottom that I never got to. 
 My work quality suffered. My personal life suffered more. 

 No matter what I did or who I recruited to help me, I still had to be available for everything... it seemed that hiring help always added MORE work to my plate!

 It wasn't until I took a step back and invested the time to properly implement File Naming and Organization, Process Documentation, and started to rely on cloud-based apps that I could confidently grow my team in a way that actually gave me freedom to live, and gave my business the scalability to grow..

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