can we talk about MONEY, honey?
'Oops, I Forgot About That Expense' is So Last Year
Don't Let Your Bills Sneak Up on You
If you've ever wondered why your business seems to be making money, yet you're still stressed about covering upcoming expenses...

If you've ever dreaded certain months of the year for the higher-than-usual credit card bills due to big expenses...

If you've ever noticed a charge on your credit card for renewing something you had forgotten you were subscribed to...  

 If you've EVER chosen monthly payments instead of the annual lump payment on your subscriptions because you don't have the cash...
Then I want to invite you to take stock of your CASH FLOW, so that you not only
KNOW what's coming up, but are EQUIPPED to pay for it.
The Business Cash Flow Calculator shows you how much cash you need to set aside each month to meet your obligations throughout the year. It's an assessment tool that will highlight ways to save money, and how to avoid those dry months.

Get cash flow clarity in two easy steps: 
Enter your monthly expenses 
Enter your annual expenses (and payment due dates)

Presto Manifesto - The calculator displays your total $ monthly obligations!

The calculator will also display what lump sum you could set aside now in order to just save up monthly amounts, OR what monthly amount you would have to save up to catch up.
This exercise will take about an hour, will reduce your money stress tenfold - and is practically guaranteed to save you more than this tool costs (um, only $47).

When you base financial decisions solely on the cash currently in the bank, then the money you see today might not be there when you really need it! 

If you aren't financially ready for bigger upcoming bills, you might find yourself stressed, especially during those months with higher expenses, and the uncertainty might stifle your business's growth potential.

Now, envision a world where big expense months don't send your heart racing. 

Instead, you've got a clear view of your upcoming costs, with cash set aside to cover every one of them. 

No more last-minute scrambles to find funds, or making sacrifices in other areas of your business. 

You'd be as cool as a cucumber, even in the face of the biggest financial challenges. 

And your business? Well, it would be thriving, not just surviving.

Say Goodbye to Financial Surprises with the Business Expense Cash Flow Calculator.

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Alright, my friend, it's crunch time. You've made it this far, which means you're tired of the financial surprises, the cash flow rollercoaster, and the late-night, stress-induced candy binges. (Or is that just me?) 

Hopefully you know that your business, your hard work, and your dream deserves better. 

And the Business Expense Cash Flow Calculator is here to help. 

This nifty Google sheet is like your personal financial guru, without the jargon or the pricey suit. It's ready to roll up its virtual sleeves and dig into your expenses, highlight areas for improvement, and ensure you never have to sweat over meeting your obligations.

Ditch the financial stress and start making decisions based on solid forecasts rather than the balance in your bank account.

Business Expense Cash Flow Calculator FAQs
  • Will this process really only take an hour?
    If you have easy access to a list of all your expenses, then definitely! But please don't be scared off if your finances aren't as organized as you'd like. This is a valuable and relatively easy step to take towards having a handle about what expenses are coming up.
  • Does the Cash Flow Calculator require any special software or knowledge to operate?
    The Calculator comes as a Google Sheet, so you need a Google Account in order to save your own copy to your Google Drive. There are easy-to-follow video tutorials to show you how to best navigate through the Google Sheet while entering the information.
  • What if I have no experience with bookkeeping or accounting, can I still use this tool effectively?
    Yes, this tool really is just a calculator, and doesn't track any income or expense transactions.
  • How can the Cash Flow Calculator help me prepare for higher-than-usual expenses in certain months?
    That's basically what the calculator was built for! Let's say you have a big annual expense that recurs every September, the calculator will show you

    1) how much money you should be setting aside monthly (over 12 months) so that you have the cash once the charge goes through in September and

    2) how much you would have to save up from today, to have enough cash by September, and

    3) how much money to set aside today to "catch up" on this expense, to then save up the regular monthly amount (1).
  • How can this tool help me save money?
    Two ways:

    1. Documenting all your ongoing (monthly and annual) expenses often leads to people cancelling subscriptions they aren't actively using.

    2. There's an analysis tool on the month-by-month expenses sheet which allows you to calculate how much money you would save by paying for certain subscriptions annually.

    >> For example, a tool that costs $12 a month or $96 a year, offers a $48 savings if you pay for the year, which equates to a 33% savings. Providing that you will use that tool for the whole year, and have the cash to allocate, you should upgrade to annual and save yourself that $48!

Psst... if we don't know each other, yet:


and I'm the creator if the Business Expense Cash Flow Calculator

The backstory: I've been running my own small business (and doing my own Bookkeeping since) 2006. 

After being hit two years in a row with a big (and totally predictable) expense, I got smart and started socking away cash throughout the year so that I wouldn't end up in a Christmastime Cash Crunch.

The following year I was cash-flow stress-free, and decided to look at other annual expenses I could prepare similarly for. To make a long story short, I turned that system into a spreadsheet, and when I started selling my online courses to other small business owners, I turned that personal spreadsheet into something I could share - the Business Expense Cash Flow Calculator.

If you're a small business owner or an entrepreneur and you've ever had a 'December moment' like mine, give my calculator a whirl. Trust me, your future self will thank you.

The calculator is straightforward, easy to use, and comes with tutorials to guide you through every step. Plus, there are bonus "analysis" and "organization" components included that you didn't even know you've always wanted.

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